Professor Varoufakis’ “Invincible Summer” in the Midst of Difficulties of the Cold Winter of Past Year

By Con George-Kotzabasis

Professor Varoufakis, let us hope that the New Year is a year of corrections of past mistakes,  mea culpas and success. With the more than possible policy success of the Samaras Government in 2013, it seems to me that your “invincible summer,” policy wise, is a will-o-’the-wisp and will turn out to be your ineffable “winter of discontent” as a result of the political and economic triumph of Antonis Samaras in pulling Greece out of the crisis, and your dire predictions of the hopelessness of Greece, as the present government continues, according to you,  to implement, without creative revision, the dead end policies of the European Union and the IMF, which have been so destructive to Greece.

A reply to a critic who lambasted me for the above comment on Professor Varoufakis.

It’s not in my character to insult anyone and least of all our morally and mentally robust Professor Varoufakis. You are confusing “no quarter will be given” criticism with insults; the typical confusion of an effete person delving in critical matters or in intellectual discourse. As to the rest of your comment, it’s wise to take the advice of Wittgenstein and stay silent. The same applies to all other comments to my riposte to Professor Varoufakis.