Professor Varoufakis Dubs Greek Government as “Quisling”

By Con George-Kotzabasis

In Greek mythology, Antaeus fell on the earth to get his strength. It seems to me, you are falling on confabulations, imaginary fabrications, to get your strength in intellectual argument. To insinuate or describe the Samaras Government as “Quisling” and the Eurozone as “fascistic,” not only clearly reveals your odium, rancour, and bias toward these two institutions but also the vacuity of your argument that needs scarecrows to sustain the latter in the minds of hoi polloi.

I would dare make the prediction that if such proposal of the troika for a six-day working week was put before Samaras, the latter would reject it with his characteristic manliness-which you obviously hate-out rightly and resoundingly, and, hence, your appellation of the “Quisling-like Greek government,” would be egg on your face.